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We offer comprehensive IT solutions for a wide range of needs. Whether that means aiding you in your transition to the cloud, helping you meet industry compliance standards, bulking up your security, or filling a staffing void—we can support you. We work to ensure that our services will match any budget, and scale for the future.

We provide Information systems audit as per standards and regulations on reguler interval basis that will assure all stakeholders of trust, value and efficacy of internal control over business operations as well as financial reporting. This audit will normally be carried out in all the locations of business.

We review and asses your technology, systems, Network, End Users, Customers and processes to identify threats to your IT infrastructure and Business data.

We provide Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Service for our client infrastructure, application servers and database driven applications. This includes risk assessment and reporting for various critical infrastructure and assets.

  • Infrastructure System Audit, Internal Audit, OS Audit, Software Audit, Network Security Audit, Initial Cyber Security Awareness Programs).
  • Plan, Implement And Upgrade Security Measures And Controls
  • Establish Plans And Protocols To Protect Digital Files And Information Systems Against Unauthorized Access, Modification And/Or Destination
  • Maintain Data And Monitor Security Access
  • Perform Vulnerability Testing, Risk Analyses And Security Assessment
  • Conduct Internal And External Security Audits
  • Anticipate Security Alerts, Incidents And Disaster And Reduce Their Likelihood
  • Manage Network, Intrusion Detection And Prevention Systems
  • Analyze Security Breaches To Determine Their Root Cause
  • Recommend And Install Appropriate Tools And Countermeasures
  • Define, Implement And Maintain Corporate Security Policies
  • Train Fellow Employees In Security Awareness And Procedures
  • Coordinate Security Plans With Outside Vendors
  • Surveillance Camera Systems Support

A significant part of our success must have been due to the effective Taxation advice we provide to clients in both the corporate and other sectors. Our qualified Tax specialists are in a position to act in close co-operation with the client before the final decision is taken, planning his taxation affairs in a way that fully answers his purpose. We render tax service as an integral part of the audit process.

  • In rendering tax advisory service we essentially help the client to:
        a) Minimize his tax liability within the provision of the law.
        b) Avoid risk of penalty impositions due to erroneous filing of return
  • Our tax practice consists principally of:
        a) Reviewing clients Income Tax Returns
        b) Preparing clients Income Tax Returns
        c) Representing clients in dealing with tax authorities
        d) Preparing protest appeals and claims for refund
        e) Assisting clients in tax planning
        f) Advising clients on tax implications of proposed contracts or financial transactions
        g) Acting as general advisor on tax matters
        h) Tax Planning

Are You looking for GST Consultant?

We offer following services with regards to GST Implementation Management:

  • GST Registration and Migration
  • GST Return Filing / Support
  • ITC Mismatch & Reconciliation
  • GST Implementation
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